A different kind of Country, a different kind of Man.

Critically acclaimed recording artist Drake Jensen is taking the next step in his storied and colorful recording career, and needs your help to complete the journey.

With four full-length CD's and nearly a dozen music videos to his credit, Drake is gearing up for his latest release, a compilation of some of his most memorable songs, titled "Sideshow".  In addition, Drake will be recording two brand new tracks to round out the package.  Drake will also be releasing a separate DVD featuring all his music videos to date, along with additional never-before-seen footage from the archives.

The tentative release dates for both the new CD and new DVD are January 2018.

With your contribution, not only you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift has made a difference, but your generosity will also be rewarded.

Your contribution to the project is greatly appreciated.

For contributors of $35 or more, you will be asked to provide the address to which you would like to have your rewards shipped.  Packages will be shipped as soon as items become available.

Become a part of the Drake Jensen legacy!  Make your contribution today and feel good in knowing that your gift has made a difference.